I'm Cindy D'Ambrosio, a Maine licensed private investigator.

Criminal and Civil investigations encompass who, what, where, when and how of the facts. As fact finders, investigators uncover evidence that can impeach prosecution witnesses, sustain innocence, review discovery materials and highlight procedural errors. Using an experienced investigator as well as a certified paralegal can unleash a unique combination of skills presenting a facet from which, superior investigations and reports are the end result.

I am uniquely qualified in both with over twenty five years experience as a private investigator, paralegal in the mid-coast Maine area. If you’re looking for an investigator with strong analytical and organizational skills, a diverse understanding of the law, self confidence tempered with honorable character with an open and non threatening personality, then look no further.

With experience in both State and Federal Courts to include Murder, Manslaughter, Gross Sexual Assault, Drug Trafficking and Theft, I investigate everything and everyone from every position relevant to your case.